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President 2008: Mitt Romney’s Iowan Jihad

by | 29th, October 2007

IT’S an odd factor in the polemics of the 2008 presidential campaign so far, but according to the Wall Street Journal a clear gap has opened up between Republicans and Democrats in one area–use of the I-word.

Candidates of both parties like to talk tough on terror. But when it’s time to point the finger of blame Republicans single out Islamic extremism while Democrats barely mention the “Islam” word at all.

According to the Journal, Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refer to “stateless terrorism” and “global terrorism” while Republicans such as Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Mick Huckabee warn of “Islamic extremism” and “Islamic jihad.”

Mitt Romney has made “jihadism” the subject of a recent Iowa campaign ad.

Meanwhile the race for the White House is hotting up in South Carolina at least.

The 1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert Facebook group attracted more than one million members in just over a week. (According to the New York Times it took Barack Obama’s “One Million Strong” group eight months to attract 380,000 members.)

Democratic candidate John Edwards is taking no chances in his home state, fighting satire with satire. His campaign released this statement last night:

“Stephen Colbert claims to represent a new kind of politics, but today we see he’s participating in the slash and burn politics that has no place in American discourse. The truthiness is, as the candidate of Doritos, Colbert’s hands are stained by corporate corruption and nacho cheese. John Edwards has never taken a dime from salty food lobbyists and America deserves a President who isn’t in the pocket of the snack food special interests.”

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