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Germany’s Autobahn’s Slow Down For Global Warming

by | 30th, October 2007

“BLITZKREIG!” And with that lusty yell the beleaguered British motorist presses their foot hard on the accelerator.

With average speeds on the UK’s motorways stuck around the 23mph mark, it’s hearting to know that on a German autobahn you can go as fast you like.

Look out Poland, here we come. See you in a moment, Czech Republic. Belgium – blink and you run it over.

But, as the Guardian reports, plans are afoot to temper the speed. The Social Democrats, partners in the German government’s grand coalition, say reducing the speed will lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Says SPD chairman Kurt Beck: “A blanket limit of 130kph would be a quick and unbureaucratic way in which to increase climate protection.”

You can’t beat bit of top-down un-bureaucracy in Germany. But Bernd Osterloh, of Volkswagen, says “It’s a dream-like idea”.

“For one thing speed limits hardly reduce a car’s already very low C02 emissions, so it’s silly for politicians to keep clubbing the automobile industry between the legs like this.”

Whether he illustrated the clubbing motion is unsaid. But green campaigners have been warned…

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