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Migrants Workers In The UK: John Arne Riise Case Study

by | 31st, October 2007

“MIGRANTS? LABOUR HAVEN’T A CLUE!” advertises the Sun’s front page. Would-be migrants massed at the French ferry terminal read on.

The Sun illustrates immigration in facts.

October 8 – “First they say workers total is 800,000”
October 29 – “Then they say we got it wrong, it’s 1.1million”
October 30 – “And now they say true figure is 1.5million”

Today is Halloween, and, at current rates, we estimate 1.9million people will arrive here by midnight.

But they won’t just bring destruction and horror – some will earn money and pay taxes.

The Star focuses on one migrant worker, a certain John Arne Riise, a Norwegian who works in the Liverpool area.

Readers see a monthly pay slip dated September 1, 2006. It is front-page news. The worker’s salary is £139,634.62. Riise pays £55, 508.28 to the Government in the form of taxes, a further £1,611.67 in National insurance Contributions.

Taking Mr Riise as the average, Anorak calculates that – using the least optimistic figure of 800,000 – foreign workers are worth £45,695,960,000 to the Treasury each month.

Come one, come all. Fill your boots…

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