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Human Right And Left: Saudi Arabia and Iran

by | 31st, October 2007

DIZZY sees “Not so steely morals” on Saudi Arabia and Iran:

Should anyone wish to see a shining example of the stunning moral relativism of the Left today then hop over to the Independent’s website and read the commentary by lefty comedian Mark Steel. It begins by slating the appalling human rights record of Saudi Arabia and its treatment of women, then in the second half it attacks the West for its belliscosity towards Iran whilst failing to mention her appaling human rights record and its treatment of women.

Iran you see is merely a victim of Western aggression thus outweighing its own record for torture, public executions, use of chemcial weapons in the war with Iraq, subjugationm of women etc etc. Those issues only matter in relation to Britain’s poorly chosen allies you see. The so-called universalism of the fashionable Left’s values (for not all of them are like this) is laid bare by the sheer contradiction of the argument Steel makes. You can also bet that if the West or Israel suddenly decided to be belliscose towards Saudi then they’d become instant victims of Western imperialism overnight and the human rights record wouldn’t matter anymore. That is how it works you see.

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