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Protectors Of The Homeland And Other Hamas Hits

by | 31st, October 2007

EVERY cause needs a song, and the “arts department” of Hamas’s domestic security service bring to you the “honey-voiced singers” known as Protectors of the Homeland.

Available for weddings, bombings and not Bar Mitzvahs the six-piece outfit dress in urban blue camoflague to practise in an old office within the Gaza City police headquarters.

Reports the Telegraph: “The small room throbbed with energy as their dusty 12-track amplifier screeched with feedback before being tamed by an engineer.”

To a syncopated backbeat, the lads give full throat to “By the shrouds of the dead we are inspired” and many, many more hits.

“It is our job to inspire the foot soldiers,” says singer Maj ‘Abs’ Hosam. “We want to urge the soldiers and officers to push on, to make the effort needed in the struggle to end the occupation.”

The band may go onto big things. And we await their cover versions of Boom! Shake the Room, Rock The Casbah, It’s Raining Men, All Shook Up and anything by Westlife…

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