Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: A Titanic Struggle With The Germans And Slavery In Morocco

Madeleine McCann: A Titanic Struggle With The Germans And Slavery In Morocco

by | 1st, November 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann


“Madeleine McCann may have been condemned to a life of slavery working as a ‘little maid’ for a rich Arab family…” Or not

Page 5: “’Madeleine will be used as a little maid’” – so suggests Inspector Hicham Alaoui of the Moroccan Police in El Hajeb near Fez

Little maids, notes the paper, are “collected by rich families as ‘curiosities’ as well as servants. A woman from a group called Ecpatuk says such children are “vulnerable to abuse”. The Express sys the girls are abused “physically, emotionally and sexually”. Can Madeleine McCann be among them? Maybe…

“Sacked detective called in to help with the probe” – Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral is talking with new chief Paulo Rebelo

“Fury over magazine ‘sick’ ads” – German magazine titanic has lampooned the case, using Madeleine’s image in spoof supermarket adverts. Gerry and Kate McCann call it “sick” and “very hurtful”. The magazine says Madeleine McCann is “getting a bit much for many people”

DAILY MIRROR front page: “Clear us… you have no case”

Says a friend of Kate and Gerry McCann: “They are adamant they should now be cleared”, as are many suspects in ongoing investigations

Page 7: “McCann ‘clear us’ demand’” – Says Clarence Mitchell: “If the reports are true clearly it would indicate the police absolutely, and quite rightly, have no case against Kate and Gerry”

DAILY MAIL front page: “Oh. Come off it, Heather, how dare you compare your ordeal to Kate McCann’s?” Heather Mills is on the telly

Page 7: “Police pursuit of McCanns ‘is running out of steam’” – The public prosecutor in Portugal says Kate and Gerry McCann will not face further police interviews “unless detectives can produce stronger evidence against them”

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former detective with Surrey Police, says the McCann’s private detectives could be on the wrong trail in Morocco. Or not

THE SUN page 24: “GERMAN MAG’S SICK JOKES ABOUT MADDIE – McCanns’ horror as spoof ad pokes fun at lost girl”

Ad advert in satirical Titantic magazine promises the kitchen cleaner will “remove all traces at the home” even DNA traces. The adverts warn that just because Madeleine’s face is on the product it does not mean they can be taken for free. The Sun is disgusted. It reproduces the images and the words to allow its readers to share in its disgust

A march on the German embassy is not yet in the planning

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE SICK NEW TWIST – Horror at German abuse of missing tot”

The Germans have her. A German paedo!

Page 7: “TOTALLY SICK – A full reproduction of the spoof adverts. “McCann’s agony as rag mocks hunt for Maddie.” Thanks to the Star and Sun, the McCanns now know that an obscure German magazines has made jokes about their case

Says Clarence Mitchell: “It shows Madeleine herself no respect… The magazine did not seek permission to use Madeleine’s image to be used on this so-called joke. It they had it would almost certainly not have been given”

So much for doing anything to keep Madeleine in the news

THE INDEPENDENT page 5: “Mills: I am treated as badly as Kate McCann and Diana.” More on Lady Mucca

THE TELEGRAPH page 9: “Madeleine police ‘consult sacked head of inquiry’” – chief inspector Goncalo Amaral is on the case. Sort of

The paper says detectives are “no closer to solving the case”. And the campaign to find Madeleine goes on…

THE TIMES and THE GUARDIAN: No Madeleine news today

Heather Mills’ Pain

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