Anorak News | Shopper Remains In Car In Protest Over Fine

Shopper Remains In Car In Protest Over Fine

by | 2nd, November 2007

“I’M making a stand for all the little people,” says Lisa Martin, “it’s wrong that you can be clamped for £150 for such a minor misdemeanour.”

Ms Martin is speaking  to the Mirror from the driver’s seat of her B-reg Hyundai Accent. “I’m staying put for as long as it takes – nothing will shift me until I’m ready to go.”

You can catch Mrs Martin in a parking bay reserved for shop staff in Pontypool. She may very well rival the wooden carvings on the town’s Heritage Trail as Pontypool’s premier attraction.

Mrs Martin is now the owner of £400 ticket for remaining in the bay for more than 24 hours. The Sun says her fine runs to £1,500. She says “The signs were too high to see”.

Such is Mrs Martin’s stand for the little people. She may care to stand on the roof of her car.

“I will stay her indefinitely to make their lives hell,” says she. She loves her kids and she will not budge. “I’ve got plenty of carrier bags to go to the toilet in.”

The journey will be to hell and, should Mrs Martin’s car battery hold out, back again…

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