Anorak News | Heather Mills: Princess Of (Seal) Clubs Pleads With Sir Paul

Heather Mills: Princess Of (Seal) Clubs Pleads With Sir Paul

by | 2nd, November 2007

HEATHER Mills has yet to offer to beseech Madeleine McCann’s kidnappers to exchange one innocent blonde for another.

“Look into my eyes,” Heather seems to say from the Sun’s cover. “He knew I was at suicide pointy but did nothing about it.” Heather talks not of Prince Charles. Her interrogator is not Martin Bashir.

Heather is in conversation with Matt Lauer of American TV’s Today show. This is the same Lauer who only recently spoke with Prince Harry and William about their mother. Heather Mills was not mentioned then – her name all the more noticeable by its omission.

But now she seeks to set the record straight. Mills says she offered Paul McCartney a deal: “If he stood up and said “I’m responsible for the breakdown of this marriage”, she would walk away with nothing.

He failed her, leaving her with no option but to demand millions of pounds. “I can’t plead with him anymore,” says Lady Mucca.

The Mail considers Heather over two pages of tight pros. Denise Robertson, a TV agony aunt (former) is invited to say whether Mills is “paranoid and hysterical or a misunderstood victim.” So too is a writer who once worked for “Cosmogirl”, another agony aunt, a second Cosmopolitan writer and Dr Pam Spurr, “Radio psychologist”.

“Is Heather a Victim,” asks the Express? The question is debated by an agony aunt, a PR “guru”, an animal rights protestor, a single mother, a writer, Vanessa Feltz, Philip Schofield. A psychotherapist, a psychology student, a publicist, a divorce lawyer and a Radio Five Live presenter.

The verdict is mixed. Mills is a conundrum, who has been envied by many – namely Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu and Anthea Turner – and loved by millions…

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