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Global Warming: Go Tell It To The Poor

by | 2nd, November 2007

AS Brendan O’Neill writes on environmentalists:

Today, British environmentalism looks like the revenge of the aristocrats. They’ve dressed up their extreme localism and hostility towards modernity in the pseudo-radical garb of “saving the planet”, and disguised their disdain for the uppity oiks as a caring attempt to change people’s behaviour for the benefit of mother nature. Occasionally, however, their real concerns peep through the fa├žade. The front cover of the October issue of Zac Goldsmith’s Ecologist screams “UGLY: modern culture in crisis”. Coming across like a gang of grumpy snobs, Ecologist writers list what they most loathe about modern life: bagged salad, fake tans, reality TV, discarded chewing gum. If only we could turn the clock back to a time when people ate locally sourced food and knew better than to drop litter.

The Global Warming Survival Handbook is written by David de Rothschild…

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