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Global Warming: Go Tell It To The Poor

by | 2nd, November 2007

AS Brendan O’Neill writes on environmentalists:

Today, British environmentalism looks like the revenge of the aristocrats. They’ve dressed up their extreme localism and hostility towards modernity in the pseudo-radical garb of “saving the planet”, and disguised their disdain for the uppity oiks as a caring attempt to change people’s behaviour for the benefit of mother nature. Occasionally, however, their real concerns peep through the façade. The front cover of the October issue of Zac Goldsmith’s Ecologist screams “UGLY: modern culture in crisis”. Coming across like a gang of grumpy snobs, Ecologist writers list what they most loathe about modern life: bagged salad, fake tans, reality TV, discarded chewing gum. If only we could turn the clock back to a time when people ate locally sourced food and knew better than to drop litter.

The Global Warming Survival Handbook is written by David de Rothschild…

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