Anorak News | Heather Mills And Me: A Public Stoning And ‘A Sick Human Being’

Heather Mills And Me: A Public Stoning And ‘A Sick Human Being’

by | 3rd, November 2007

HEADLINES likes “Macca Whacka”, “Princess Of Tarts” And “Pull The Other One” might have created an impression that Heather Mills was less than the full bottle of baby oil.

As the Telegraph notes: “Heather Mills looked even more fraught than Henri Paul behind the wheel of the car as he drove Princess Diana to her untimely death.”

Now the woman who saw Heather Mills’ speak on GMTV gives her version of events.

Writing in her Mirror column, GMTV presenter Phillips notes that “On Wednesday, Heather Mills reached rock bottom and asked to come on GMTV”.

Indeed, after GMTV there is little place to go for a celebrity blonde, other than maybe a stint drawing the balls on the National Lottery show or lunch with Anthea Turner.

“By Wednesday night I was still furious. I was bloody raging, actually, after listening to rent-a-gobs on various radio phone-ins, slagging off a woman they’d never even met,” says Phillips.

Fiona has met the real Heather, the one she brought to the institutionalised, the bedbound and journalists who watch daytime telly.

“So I phoned her to see how she was. And, characteristically, she was bearing up – but still wondering why some people hate her so much that they positively rub their grubby hands with glee at the ‘modern-day stoning’ (her words) that she’s had to endure for the past 18 months.”

A stoning. Fiona prefers evisceration. It was “gut-wrenching”.

And a question: “What do we want from her? Tears? Blood? Suicide?” Yes! Yes! And what was the middle one again?

“What has she done to deserve that? Truly?” asks Fiona. The question is rhetorical, evidenced by Fiona supplying the answer: “If you can think of anything you’re a very sick human being. Sorry, I take that back – you’re not a human being at all.”

You have never been raised by a family to stray dogs and forced to endure barbed insults from an envious Princess Diana. You are not Heather Mills…


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