Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Mafia, A Bag Of Clothes And Missing Children

Madeleine McCann: Mafia, A Bag Of Clothes And Missing Children

by | 4th, November 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

NEWS OF THE WORLD: “Maddie DNA clue in airport bag”

A bag of clothes containing “DNA linked to Madeleine McCann” has been found dumped by a road in Portugal.” It is a white carrier bag. It was in a layby two weeks ago near Faro airport.

“The bag contained a blue fleece jacket and a pair of adult jeans with traces of DNA that contained ‘moderate’ links to Madeleine”. And: “There was also a SHOWER CURTAIN inside.” And a white flannel, a green elastic band, a light green child’s T-shirt with a green flower on the front and a pink and blue pencil case with a pink heart motif

“Godfather in Madeleine hunt… Crime godfathers in Morocco—where there have been several alleged sightings of Maddie – have been told cops will scale back drug busts if they do”

SUNDAY MIRROR front page: “MY LITTLE MADDY” – a picture of Madeleine McCann on a pony with Kate McCann by her side

• “McCanns heartache as Cops say: “Case closes in 7 weeks
• Police to leave cloud of suspicion over Kate and Gerry”


“Dr Russell O’Brien and his partner Jane Tanner, Matthew Oldfield and Dr David Payne were last night forced to bring in their own lawyers after increasing fears that Portuguese police were preparing to implicate them in the case of the vanished four-year-old girl”

So will they be named as suspects or not? The Express say yes and then prevaricates


That picture of Madeleine McCann on a horse. A clue?

SUNDAY PEOPLE: “ANSWER OUR PRAYERS – ON THE SIX-MONTH ANNIVERSARY OF LOSING MADDIE Kate weeps at church service for Maddie as parents suffer crushing blow”

“The devout couple first took two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie for ‘a few moments of solitude’ at their village church to remember missing Maddie”

A solitude watched by person who told the press? No need with Clarence Mitchell to fill in the gaps, Says he: “Kate and Gerry wanted a few moments of solitude praying for Madeleine with the twins”

Inside the church: “A collage of pictures of a happy Maddie – including the one…of her sitting on a black Shetland pony – took pride of place near the altar. Six snaps of the youngster next to smiling faces of other missing children were pinned onto a green notice board. Supporters were encouraged to look at the pictures before praying”

And they pray for…

The People looks at “respected” Portuguese daily Publico, which tells: “Six months on from Madeleine’s disappearance, the police theory remains the same. That the child died by accident in her room – and her parents committed the crime of hiding her body”

DAILY MAIL: “Madeleine’s parents hold prayer vigil six months to the minute after she disappeared”

There are about 200 people at the “700-year-old church” near Rothley, Leicestershire

The McCanns are suspects

“Other missing children – including British toddler Ben Needham, who disappeared while on holiday in Greece in 1991, were also remembered at the service”

Did Ben Needham’s family ask for this? Want it?

Says the Rev Rob Gladstone: “Comfort and liberate all those, especially young children who have been taken from their families against their will, give courage to their grieving families”

A board says “Pray for all missing children.” How were the faces on the board selected? Many children are missing

THE INDEPENDENT: “Six months after Madeleine, another 600 are still missing”

Missing persons charities yesterday released figures “showing that more than 600 children have been missing in the UK for as long as Madeleine McCann, and are still unaccounted for”

Many are foreign. Many are teenagers. Not all are blonde

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Prayers for Madeleine McCann, six months on”

“The 3,500-strong population of Rothley – its trees decked in yellow ribbons and messages of support – came to a near standstill as Kate and Gerry arrived from their nearby home”

Locals can’t move for the press?

Rothley is an “affluent Midlands enclave”. This is McCann Land – the enclave – a small territory culturally and ethnically different form the surrounding lands
Says Gerry in his blog: “We have no idea whether she is suffering, but we have to hope and pray that she is being treated like a princess, as she deserves”

THE GUARDIAN: “Madeleine book notes the ‘contradictions’”

More on Maddie 129, a book by Hernani Carvalho and Luis Maia

“The message is that the case just doesn’t add up,” says a representative of the book’s publishers

THE SCOTSMAN: “Six months on, McCanns in new Maddie plea”
The picture of Madeleine on a Shetland pony was taken on a day out at the Hatton Country World park in Warwickshire on April 13 – “less than three weeks before she went missing”

THE TIMES: “Gerry McCann: ‘our princess prayer for Madeleine’”

Gerry McCann’s blog: “It is so painful for us simply being separated, but all the more distressing when we have to speculate about the situation Madeleine finds herself [in]. We have no idea whether she is suffering but we have to hope and pray that she is being treated like a princess, as she deserves”

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