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Madeleine McCann: A US Reader Writes On Baby Grace

by | 4th, November 2007

MADELEINE McCann – a reader writes:

Hello, Anorak

I spoke with Det. Maj. Ray Tattoilmondo this morning re: what follows below.

To Andrew, Matt, Stevo, Patch, and all who care. Thought I would let you know that I just got off the phone with the detective handling the case of the dead child, Baby Grace, who washed ashore on a deserted island near Galveston, Texas.Fishermen taking part in a fishing rodea offshore found her.

I’d called earlier when the sketch was released to point out the striking resemblance between Baby Grace and Madeleine McCann. He said he was in contact with the Portuguese police already.

He agreed with me that, based on the currents of Huelva, Spain and even just all around Spain and Portugal, it would be completely possible for the container with its body to have drifted out to sea, to have followed Columbus’s path to the New World, and that this is exactly where it would have come. He did say that only at the very end of the Gulf
Stream pattern does the theory break down just a bit, with the modern intrusion of the international waterway. But we discussed the theory that perhaps some yachtsman or fisherman saw the container, snagged it out of curiousity, and when they saw the contents, panicked and dumped it back out into the water, where it again floated on the tides, and
ended up on the island beach.

He said they are working on testing the dna right now.

We discussed how the body’s decomposition could have varied. He agreed that an explanation might be that someone involved in killing Madeleine could have stored her body in a cold place, which would have slowed decomposition, and that salt water will also slow decomposition.

It is also possible that whoever killed her may have kept her alive longer that is now speculated. But then, the cadaver fluids, etc. in the McCanns’ car and apartment
would be hard to explain.

But the little pink outfit…especially that pink cardigan with ruffled sleeves–that
cardigan is almost identical in color and style to one worn by Kate McCann the day the JP named her arguido.

Still, it may not be her.

Without saying so much, though, he told me the most disappointing thing was that the states of decomposition really didn’t add up completely. HE also stated vaguely that there were other more physical aspects that cast doubt on the little girls being the same
child, but that they would check out every single thing.

He confirmed that the child had died from a strong blow to the head, and they didn’t yet see any other signs of violent injury.

Sarah Whalen

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