Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: A Shower Curtain, Kate’s Church Whispers And The Blonde Of Karia Ba Mohamed

Madeleine McCann: A Shower Curtain, Kate’s Church Whispers And The Blonde Of Karia Ba Mohamed

by | 5th, November 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MIRROR front page: “MADELEINE DNA IN BAG OF CLOTHES. Roadside find fuels hops she’s still alive”

Plastic bag near Faro airport. The “adult fleece” therein is “smeared with body fluids”. Which may explain why it was thrown away. Perhaps it was used to wipe something in an emergency? The residue is a “moderate” link to the missing child.

Says a friend of the McCanns: “This seems extremely significant. The fact they were found so recently does suggest Madeleine is still alive”

Pages 6 and 7: “IN THE BAG.” Yes, what’s in the bag. For those of you who didn’t read Anorak yesterday: “Shower curtain, white flannel, green elastic band, green child’s T-shirt, Pencil case”.

And “crucially” a pair of “adult jeans”. Although the Mirror does not put that in the list, nor the fleece. Why not?

The stuff is at the Forensic Science Service lab in Birmingham. It is being checked against “a list of known sex offenders”.

“SILENT SOBS AND PRAYERS” – “Outside, the chill autumn night was filled with the sounds of happy families celebrating Guy Fawkes” – Burn the Catholic!

“Inside the brightly lit parish church of St John, Kate McCann [Catholic![ silently sobbed as she relived a warm spring Portuguese evening”


A farm in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. The town of Karia Ba Mohamed is close by. A “little blonde girl” has been seen. Says “teacher” Majiod Jazouli: “The little blonde girl was seen about a month ago at a farm on the outskirts of Karia. I sent a boy inside the compound to verify it, and he said there was a blonde girl there. I could not go in there myself because I am a stranger and that would be against our culture”


Pages 4 and 5: “Says local police commander Commandant Abdul Khalik: “She is not there. We have checked for her”

Says the Express: “Karia Ba Mohamed is a farming town where blonde hair and Western faces are rarely seen” – Unless the Berbers are in town

“Chase for £1million Madeleine bounty” – Millionaire Brian Kennedy has put up a reward. “Unofficial tourist guides, off-duty policemen and drug dealers” are looking for Madeleine. All other Moroccans are nervous

Says local guide Ali El Bouazaout “exclusively” to the Express: “I have been all over Morocco looking for Madeleine…and if I find her I will be rich”

A blonde child with hair of spun gold

THE SUN page 6: “I JUST WANT HER BACK..Kate sobs in church”

“Tormented” Kate McCann is in church. She is in “floods of tears”. Kate “buried her head into a females friend’s shoulder whispering through the tears: I just want her back. I just want her back”

The Sun listens in. Closely. It hears all

“POLICE IN TAPAS PALS BOOZE QUIZ” – Portuguese police are questioning witnesses on how much booze the McCanns and their dining companions drank that night. A source says after martinis, daiquiris and beer, they quaffed up to 14 bottles of wine. Is that all these middle-class Britishers on holiday in the sun could manage?


Pages 4 and 5: “COPS PROBE SEX SMEARS – Couple in fury over ‘swinging’ rumours”

Former police inspector Jose Barra da Costa wants police to investigate allegations of wife-swapping

Says Clarence Mitchell: “It is obviously defamatory and he – and all those who spread rumours like this – had better be aware that our lawyers are watching”

A newspaper has sent “undercover investigators” to a swinging club to ask in anyone knows the McCanns, or any part of them (squint)

DAILY MAIL front page: “POLICE HOLD DNA OF 4.5M BRITONS” – Did you drop a bag of old clothes in Faro?

Page 19: “Madeleine case police ask: Were parents drunk?”

The curse of the middle-class drinkers?

Kate and Gerry McCann claim they and their friends ordered six bottles of wine with their meal and liqueur after. Waiter Jose Baptista says it was eight to ten bottles.

THE TIMES page 25: “McCanns give police list of names to interrogate”

The McCanns, through their lawyers, have given police a list of people they want questioned, including their seven dining companions. They suspect them of doing wrong?

No. A source says: “These people can prove that Madeleine’s parents would not have been involved in her abduction and could provide evidence about who took their daughter”

ABC News: “Who Is ‘Baby Grace’? Tips Pour In”


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