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Polar Bears Doomed To An Uncertain Future

by | 6th, November 2007

POLAR Bear Monitoring Service – Anorak’s on-the-ice look at polar bears making the news

Polar Bear Watch spots two of the creatures on the cover of the Daily Express, and more in the Daily Telegraph.

“Polar bears’ last strand,” says the caption to the Express’ picture of one polar bear standing on is hind legs.

In “LAST REFUGE OF THE DOOMED BEARS”, the Express publishes “incredible photos of migrating polar bears at play”. The pictures “show a species on the brink of extinction as climate change ravages their once icy-idyll”.

To the untrained eye, it still looks pretty icy in the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, a vast expanse of ice close to the town of Churchill, Manitoba.

The Express says the bears are waiting for the water to freeze. Now they are “trapped” and hungry. They are, as we have learned, “DOOMED”.

“Mum, when can we open the freezer for dinner?” says the Telegraph’s headline. So hungry are the bears, they are “nuzzling” each other’s faces, or ‘tasting’ as the Express might put it.

Melissa Gibbons, a park warden at Wapsuk National Park, Canada, looks at the a baby bear with his mother. She sees two males on their hind legs. “It may be that they are practising for the mating season… Or it could simply be that they are fooling around to ward off boredom”.

Or that they’ve spotted the cameras and the camera crew…

Picture of the new Fox’s Glacier Mint via Beau Bo D’Or 

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