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Pete Doherty’s New Album: Doin’ The Do

by | 6th, November 2007

OVERLOOKED for the Princess Diana concert, some would say unforgivably, Pete Doherty has been forced to revisit his career’s past highlights.

And if that means getting off his face on smack, then so be it. If Pete is to be around for the Princess Diana Jubilee Concert he needs to keep his legend alive.

So here is Pete making music. Or, as the Sun puts it on its front page: “Doherty back on heroin.”

It is believed that very soon we will all be doing The Doherty. And to help us learn the words, the Sun has an instructional montage of Doherty’s greatest moment in performance, as captured on camera phone.

“Sickening – Doherty crouches with the needle in his mouth”
“Stupid – junkie cooks up heroin on spoon and loads syringe”
“Shocking – Pete with wristband on [Make Poverty History], sticks needle in arm”

That’s The Doherty. This latest album is “quite good”, says the Sun’s showbiz editor.

For past Doherty albums, see the Daily Mirror’s picture editor…

Pic: Beau Bo D’Or 

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