Anorak News | Another Of Our Blondes Is Missing: Jill Dando Killer Appeals

Another Of Our Blondes Is Missing: Jill Dando Killer Appeals

by | 6th, November 2007

ANY visiting Americans and Portuguese glancing at the covers of our tabloid press may suppose that not a day passes without a blonde missing or being murdered.

“Dear Anorak,” they write, “is Anthea Turner OK? Take care of Joanna Lumley (thankfully, now greying). Is Vanessa Feltz a natural blonde?”

That British blondes are in danger is being question. And today the Mail looks at Jill Dando, a blonde TV host who was murdered.

Blonde Jill is pictured looking tanned and relaxed. Her hair is suggestive of Princess Diana. Dando is sat by an azure sea of water. Beneath her bare legs, the Express notes: “Why I should go free, by Jill Dando ‘killer’.”

Note that the word “killer” is in quotation marks. “So did he really kill Jill?” asks the Express, words hanging above a shot of Barry George, “fantasist”, “sex offender” and “obsessive”.

“Forensic scientists speak of doubts as Barry George launches new fight against conviction,” notes the paper.

George is appealing against his conviction for murder. (Dando was shot dead on her doorstop in 1999.) Scientists now say the “compelling” evidence of gunshot residue in his coat pocket is “worthless”.

So there is cause for appeal. And the disappearance of another British blonde is embroiled is doubt and controversy.

Al Fayed offers no comment.

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