Anorak News | Al Qaeda In British Schools: Lessons In Fear

Al Qaeda In British Schools: Lessons In Fear

by | 6th, November 2007

“SUICIDE BOMBERS IN OUR SCHOOLS,” announces the Express. “AL QAEDA RECRUITS BRIT KIDS,” says the Mirror.

Such is the way of the Al-Qaeda equal opportunities programme that even British children are being offered the chance to blow themselves to smithereens.

No more English, no more French, no more sitting on the old school bench. No more Spanish, no more Americans, no more Canadians, no more Jews, no more history…

Jonathan Evans is the head of MI5 and he tells one and all: “As I speak, young people in this country are being targeted and radicalised to carry out acts of terrorism.”

Why should he tell us this now? Because the time to act is now! It can’t be because Mr Evans has a vested interest in keeping the threat high and so securing more power and money for he and his team?

Says he: “This year, we have seen individuals as young as 15 and 16 implicated in terrorist related activity… We’ve seen this in Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s no reason why the same tactic can’t work in the UK.”

This is a real danger. As the Mirror says: “Mr Evans appealed for more women to join MI5. Security sources have warned the numbers are dwindling after TV series Spooks showed an MI5 officer having her head plunged in burning oil.”

“MI5 is right to raise the alarm over terrorism,” says the Express editorial.

Right it is that the MI5 should make this warning to the Society of Editors on the eve of today’s Queens’ Speech, in which HRH will make mention a counter-terrorism Bill, one of the aims of which will be to extend the time granted to the police to hold terror suspects from 28 to 56 days.

If only we had those ID cards. And teachers who took the register in the morning…

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