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Lorrie Morgan And Sammy Kershaw Look for Inspiration

by | 7th, November 2007

WITH Wild West shoot-outs frowned upon, modern country musicians must seek inspiration in other ways.

In the good old day, male singers could find misery by opening a bar and finding the place shot up within hours by no good varmint. Female crooners were encouraged to become prostitutes with hearts of pure spun gold.

Now all they have is holy matrimony and divorce.

And, as the Enquirer reports, Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw have nine marriages between them. And looking for material for a new album the singers have decided to separate and make it divorce No. 10.

With no dog to kill and horse to maim, Sammy has been forced to seek misery in selling off his tour bus, the No. 73 To Yuma. He is now, as the Enquirer reports, likely to come for some of singer Lorrie’s assets.

Lorrie scored 14 Top 10 hits in the 90s, says the Enquirer – including such unforgettable melodies as Get Out, Mr Man!, Leavin’ Me!, Leavin’ You, and Leavin’ Us. No hit was greater than her 1997 smash Go Away.

It is hoped that with both parties suffering, they can produce a hit album, or at the very least something for a lonely cowboy to hum…

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