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Vitamin D Day: War With The Sun

by | 8th, November 2007

“SUNSHINE VITAMIN IS SECRET OF YOUTH.” So says the Express on its front page.

There was a time when discussing the weather was viewed as the safe option, the soft focus view on life. War, religion and militant EastEnders’ characters best avoided. Will it rain?

Now the weather is a row waiting to happen. And surely the aforesaid headline will be met by a counter claim that the sun is the enemy, responsible for a myriad cancers and polar bears being trapped on slushy ice.

Of the story, the Express says that women, weather girls included, with high levels of Vitamin D are “biologically younger” (see weather girls). These women have longer “telomers” than those women with shorter “telomers”.

And a study finds that 87.1 per cent of Britons have too low levels of Vitamin D in spring and winter. The rest, those who jet off to Tenerife for winter sun – the beautiful people – are just fine…

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