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What’s Up Doc: The Driving Instructor’s Carrot

by | 8th, November 2007

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THE one thing Europe in general and Britain in particular can turn up on a regular basis is the eccentric.

The out of kilter guy (or gal) with just enough savvy to get by without incurring too much attention to their foibles. The matador or pub singer who rolls up a handkerchief and sticks it in the front of his Y fronts (thong?) before strutting his stuff. Amusing and the shrieking fairer-sexed ones know it’s all in fun.

A bit more off the wall is one Steven Cooney, a driving instructor from Cleveland, the heart of England’s petro-chemical industrial wastelands. Before the complaints roll in: I have lived and worked in Middlesbrough and can only feel genuine and deep sorrow for those who still do.

Steven is a driving instructor who likes a bit of fun (he says). The problem being that bit of fun involved sticking a 12 inch carrot down his Y fronts and telling female students he was “really excited” about their driving success.
God alone knows what he would have stuck down/up in there if there had been a Bob Newhart driving instructor type accident. Rocket/Iceberg lettuce; pomegranates any one of a variety of soft cheeses?


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