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Madeleine McCann: In Medjugorje ‘Miracle Town’, Trust And The Credit Crunch

by | 11th, November 2007

MADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY STAR ON SUNDAY front page: “IS THIS MADDIE? Bosnia sighting gives fresh hope”

“An Irish pilgrim visiting the Catholic shrine town of Medjugorje has told the McCanns’ investigators he saw a child fitting her description being bundled into a car, shouting, ‘I want my daddy’. The witness, from Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, said: ‘When I approached the couple who had her, the man put a hand over her mouth and bundled her into a car. I’m sure this child was not theirs and I am convinced it could have been Maddie”

It could have been. Sure. Is Bosnia near Morocco?

“Meanwhile, reports from Portugal say police are no longer considering the possibility Madeleine, who was three when she vanished, is still alive. A judicial source told a Portuguese newspaper: ‘The evidence we have doesn’t leave us in much doubt’”

MAIL ON SUNDAY: “An Irishman on a pilgrimage to the ‘miracle’ town of Medjugorje in Bosnia has been in contact with Kate and Gerry McCann’s detectives Metodo 3 to tell them he heard a little girl cry, ‘I want my daddy’ as she was driven away by a man and a woman”

The spotter tells the McCanns’ private detectives… Not call the local police? He says he told the police. He had written down the car’s number plate. But the police did not speak English. He had his words translated by a shopkeeper. But the police just shrugged

Says the witness, a “father of six”: “The instant I saw her my heart skipped a beat because it immediately struck me that she looked like Madeleine McCann. I was filled with panic. I knew I had to do something”

Writes Gerry McCann on his blog: “The hospital trust has been very supportive throughout and it has been good, although difficult, to see so many friends and colleagues again”

NEWS OF THE WORLD: “Maddie DNA clue – Evidence found on clothes may be profile of abductor”

Remember that bag of clothes and a pencil case found in lay-by in Faro? “Police believe they may have found vital DNA left by the abductor of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann”

Because – get his: A Portuguese police source says: “DNA was found on the clothes that didn’t match Madeleine’s. This is a big step forward. The bag could have huge significance because it could finally give us a trail that could lead us to her”

No DNA is a clue?

THE TIMES: Beneath the headline “Regulatory system must be changed” and the teaser “Responsibility for supervising banks should be given back to the Bank of England”, the Times’ Michael Fallon writes:

“This was the first run on a British bank since City of Glasgow Bank in 1878. In the world’s fourth-biggest economy we saw queues more familiar to Zimbabwe or Germany in the 1920s. It took the authorities four days to bring the situation under control.
“Like the Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, we seemed to be faced with several suspects. But now we have got closer to finding out who failed to stop the run on Northern Rock in September”

No easy thing to link Madeleine McCann with the credit crunch. Well done, Fallon for pulling it off. Few would even attempt it…

“Madeleine McCann friends face questioning as official suspects – “Their lawyers have now warned them that they may be ‘arguidos’, or suspects. ‘It would be a procedural matter, so that they could ask them more probing questions,’ said a source close to the legal team. ‘But they need to be prepared because people in the UK might not see it like that’”


THE OBSERVER: “Trust me: I’m the head of MI5”

Writes Peter Preston, former Guardian editor:

“Do you trust every Daily Express story about Diana, every Daily Mail horror story about Brussels, almost any story anywhere about Madeleine McCann? That doesn’t stop them drawing huge audiences – and maybe, on occasion, being possibly true. Do you trust Polly Toynbee or Melanie Phillips? Piers Morgan or Alastair Campbell? Trust isn’t a smorgasbord of news and views; it’s particular, and often individual. It’s absolutely not uniform in its various demands, for otherwise a kind of sombre boredom, full of rules, regulations and mission statements, ensues”

Madeleine McCann – the news so far

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