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Rage Boy Is Shakeel Ahmad Bhat: Up Close

by | 11th, November 2007

“THE surprising truth about Rage Boy, America’s hated poster-boy of Islamic radicalism.” So says the Mail.

Who is Rage Boy? “Over the past few months he has become as much of a hate figure as Bin Laden,” says the Mail. Let’s hope he’s easier to find…  

“Journalist Christopher Hitchens calls him a ‘religious nut bag’ full of ‘yells and gibberings’, and says that he refuses to live his own life ‘at the pleasure of Rage Boy’.”

Rage Boy is a protest groupie. If he were British, he’d spend his days watching the London Marathon live! and stood outside the High Court holding a placard declaring ‘Princess Diana Was Offed’.

With no Diana, and little reason for the locals to dress as rhinos and jog for charity, Rage Boy has been photographed at a demonstration in Srinagar, capital of Indian-administered Kashmir, and spotted “waving his fist at another camera during a protest against the awarding of a knighthood to author Salman Rushdie”.

The Mail looks to the blogs and on Jihad Watch notes The Goobs opining: “Can you IMAGINE how nasty it would smell standing next to this nutter? Whatcha wanna bet he hasn’t ever owned a can of Right Guard?”

Armed with a nose clip,  the Mail’s intrepid poster-boy hunter journeys to “a simple, traditional three-storey Kashmiri house”. And there “standing in an empty room, dressed in a salwar kameez and zip-up cardigan, with crooked teeth and a quizzical look on his face, was Islamic Rage Boy”.

He’s Shakeel Ahmad Bhat is a 29-year-old failed militant. “Over two days, sitting cross-legged at the home he shares with his mother and smiling shyly much of the time, Shakeel told me, through an interpreter, his life story and why he had come to wave his fists at the cameras.”

Two days sitting with his legs crossed? Who knew the enemy was so patient?

Anorak has been looking out for the new gurning face of British Islam ever since Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri left the tabloids. Can Rage Boy be the one? He has the beard and the wild eyes…

“Shakeel was not a very good militant,” notes the Mail. “When I asked him how many people he had killed, he looked embarrassed.” Says Shakeel: “I gave scares but I never killed anyone. I couldn’t. I never hurled a grenade in a public place.” The new Bakri?

“In a moment that might have come straight out of the Borat film, he answered in a soft, serious voice: ‘I have been told that if I can convince a non-Muslim woman to marry me – but not convert her by force – then there will be a place for me in heaven. I suggested there might be some suitable candidates in Britain. ‘If the offer comes,’ Shakeel said, ‘I am ready to accept it.'” The Mail cares. And the sooner we get Shakeel over here the better. If Islam is to scare us, it needs a scary face. “Boo!” says Rage Boy. “Behind you!” we scream back on cue…

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