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Celebrities For Climate Change: Polar Bears Kill

by | 12th, November 2007

polar_bear_under_water.jpgPOLAR BEAR WATCH – Anorak’s look at polar bears in the Global Warming news.

WITH actress Joanna Lumley learning us in ways of farming and animal husbandry, the Sun calls upon impressionist Alistair McGowan to talk about polar bears. It’s part of the Celbroties And Stars Taskforce (CAST).

We’ve all heard about the phrase ‘global warming’ – heard it until we’re green in the face,” says McGowan. McGowan stops just short of calling for a CCTV on every tap, not wanting to trade on Noel Edmonds’ toes.He sticks to what he knows: polar bears. “Look around your home or workplace as you read [we advise waiting until you’ve finished, for fear of losing your place] and look at all the energy you’re wasting,” says McGowan.It is McGowan. Unless he’s doing an impression of a green-face making Al Gorean, a representative of the Centre for Biological Diversity or a scientist from the Alaska Science Centre.

“It’s costing you money, it’s producing greenhouse gases and the cumulative effect of those millions of appliances is starting to melt the ice and kill animals, such as the polar bear, ushering them towards extinction.”

Extinction? “Gone,” says McGowan. “FOR EVER.” Extinct, even.

Of course, less polar bears means less animal-made carbon emissions. Look out for stories of polar bears eating small children and spreading disease.

Their end cannot come soon enough…


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