Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Translates, Miracle In Medjugorje And The McCann’s Political Lobby

Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Translates, Miracle In Medjugorje And The McCann’s Political Lobby

by | 13th, November 2007

pope-mccann.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “Madeleine: Police used chief suspect to translate key witness statements”

Page 5: “Suspect Murat translated statement of the ‘Tapas 9’” – Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas says detectives are worried Murat worked on police statements

Francisco Pagarete, Murat’s lawyer, says: “The reports he translated are being considered by the court and were done under oath… He is sorry the authorities have changed their opinion about him overnight”

Why was Murat named a suspect? Read about that here

Page 5: “McCann deny pressuring friends” – An unnamed lawyer, who claims to be representing one of the Tapas Nine, tells Spain’s El Mundo newspaper: “My client feels obliged to keep silent about what he can do to help the investigation but not because of Portuguese secrecy laws. It’s not that he is scared of the McCanns, but the economic and political lobby surrounding the couple is truly frightening to anybody”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “All of Kate and Gerry’s friends speak as one. They have one lawyer and he has certainly not put out any statements on their behalf”

Page 5: “Big Hunt In Bosnia Delayed” – A man has seen ‘Madeleine’ in Bosnia. Says the Express: “Vital hours were lost in the hunt for Madeleine last night when bureaucratic Bosnian police refused to follow up a possible sighting in the country, claiming it had not been reported properly”

Tsk! Foreign police playing by the rules. What madness…

Mario Bosnjak, a regional police spokesman, says: “Every single policeman in Medjugorje has denied receiving any kind of a report regarding the missing British girl. We are ready to take an active role in the case if we received a proper report. It could be possible the Irish pilgrim did not talk to a policeman but to a customs official or a security guard from some private company. They have similar uniforms.”


A “dramatic new twist.” Says a police source: “It is a mystery within a mystery. Maybe it as a vision”

Page 9: “MADDIE SIGHTING WAS ‘CRUEL HOAX’ – Police rule out claim by pilgrim”

DAILY MAIL page 23: “Friend of McCanns ‘scared to tell truth’”

The unnamed London-based lawyer is speaking with Le Mundo of his client: “The only thing he wants is to help the police discover the truth about what happened before, during and after that dinner on May 3”

Says Clarence Mitchell, it is “utter rubbish”

THE SUN page 20: “Maddie translate mistake’”

No mention made of Robert Murat. The alleged “translation errors” are the work of the Portuguese police.

Says Clarence Mitchell: “They have always there are innocent explanations for alleged inconsistencies”


Those “bungling” Portuguese police are not checking “faulty translations” for new clues

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 5: “McCann officers to review statements translated by Murat”

“In the early days of the investigation there were dozens of statements being given at what was a very confusing time,” a police source says.

“Obviously the police acted in good faith in their selection of translators but given all that has been said about the various contradictions in the versions of events, detectives are now re-examining the possibility that there may have been some problems”


The story so far

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