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Immigration Helps The Economy: Fact

by | 13th, November 2007

immigration.jpgWITH an overweight foreigner heading here for the Christmas season, bringing in goods made in China, and riding non-quarantined animals, the Express shines a light on the “IMMIGRATION SHAMBLES”.

Father Christmas, aka Santa Claus, aka Mustafa Hussein Jamal, only arrives in the UK once every year. And it is hoped that this year, as every other, he will leave as quickly as he arrives, not stopping to take passion of any vacant houses whose chimney he squeezes his obsess frame down, nor spreading TB.

Immigration, however, remains a hot issue. And the Express says Immigration officials picked up £2million in bonuses for season 2005-06. Says Matthew Elliot, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance: “Bonuses are meant to be an incentive to succeed, not a reward for failure.”

Some taxpayers not in the alliance may beg to differ, noting how the money might be handed over with the words, “There’s more of that to come if you pull your socks up.”

“Do immigration bosses deserve a £2million bonus?” asks the Express of its readers, the paper uncertain “Da?” Or “Nyet?”

“You vote to stop this lot coming,” says the Star, words hanging above a cloud of swarthy foreigners stood by a tree. The paper has not already seen the results of its sister paper’s poll – this isn’t an Ant’ Dec who – just the YouGov survey conducted by Migration Watch.

Four in five of those who responded to the survey think “do not believe those coming into the country have helped the economy.”

The immigration officials and their pockets of cash would surely disagree…

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