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Prince Harry: Good Egg, Bad Egg, Curate’s Egg

by | 13th, November 2007

harry-chelsy.jpgPrince Harry – A discussion…

LET’S have a heated debate!

And today’s subject, courtesy of the Daily McCann (formerly Daily Diana, formerly Daily Express) is… “ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME PRINCE HARRY STOPPED FEELING SORRY FOR HIMSELF?”

Yes, says Simon Edge. Harry is stupid, gullible and has a revolting circle of friends. “Those are not my words,” says Edge, “but those of Mark Boland, the royal PR advisor who massaged the public.”

Oh, sorry, there’s more…

“…massaged the public into acceptance of the Duchess of Cornwall.”

Anyway, Simon reckons Harry is a thoroughly bad egg, or “roistering yob” as he puts it.

Meanwhile Jenny Selway, in the pro-Harry corner, says much the same, making free use of phrases such as “obnoxious” and “Hooray Henry”.

But she thinks we should spare a thought for the misguided prince on the grounds that (a) he’s nice to kids in a caring charity work way, and (b) he is vulnerable and needs his mum.

According to Jenny, men in their late teens and early twenties “phone to ask the questions they’d feel too silly to ask anyone else, they phone to touch base, they phone to ask how to boil an egg. Who does Harry phone?”

Well, call us old-fashioned, but how many men over the age of ten phone their mothers for this kind of hand-holding?

As for the egg question, we suggest Harry phones his dad. Likely answer: “Ask the chap who squeezes your toothpaste onto the brush – he should be able to get cook to rustle you up an egg or two.”

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