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Heather Mills Is Fishing For Compliments

by | 14th, November 2007

heather-mills-leg.jpgHEATHER Mills has been getting rather hot under the collar lately, claiming that the press are out to get her. Which is a near-perfect example of a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Today, the Sun gives “Lady Mucca” a routine kicking on page three.

“Mucca is talking CARP” it declares (think about it). “FISH WEBSITE IS AS POPULAR.”

As popular as what?

As popular as Mills’s own website, which, the paper informs us, is “only the 242,174th most viewed in the UK – around the same as specialist”.

There’s worse to come: “More than a third of visitors – 36 per cent – were not even based in the UK.”

Ugh! Makes you all queasy, doesn’t it, thinking of all those non-UK-based types looking at it with their greasy foreign eyes…

Anyway, we think that “Mucca” should take some comfort from all this. Carp fans may be few, but they are loyal and passionate. One announced on national television that catching a prize carp was “better than sex”.

Who’s to say Heather can’t inspire her own followers to similar heights of hyperbole?

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