Anorak News | Why She’s Doing It: Judith Regan Sues Murdoch’s Empire For $100m

Why She’s Doing It: Judith Regan Sues Murdoch’s Empire For $100m

by | 14th, November 2007

RUPERT Murdoch’s media empire being sure dfor $100million:  

NOVEMBER 13–Judith Regan, the volcanic publishing industry figure who sought to publish O.J. Simpson’s “I Did It” (and trysted with Bernard Kerik in an apartment overlooking Ground Zero) today sued Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate for defamation, claiming that she was unjustly tarred as an anti-Semite when fired last year. In a blistering $100 million lawsuit filed today in New York State Supreme Court, Regan, 54, accuses several defendants, including Murdoch’s News Corporation and HarperCollins Publishers, of orchestrating a smear campaign that was intended to advance the Murdoch political agenda and protect “Rudy Giuliani’s presidential ambitions.” Additionally, Regan alleges that a News Corporation “senior executive” counseled her in December 2004 to “lie and withhold information” from investigators who apparently were vetting Kerik for the post of Homeland Security secretary.

Yes. “Trysted”. America..


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