Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Tea With Sympathy, Bosnia And ‘A Sinister Higher Force’

Madeleine McCann: Tea With Sympathy, Bosnia And ‘A Sinister Higher Force’

by | 15th, November 2007

tea.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS page 7: “Little Bosnian girl they thought was Madeleine”

They? It was one man from Ireland, on a visit to a Catholic shrine in Bosnia, who saw Madeleine in a car crying for her daddy

A police spokesman says: “The car and occupants were just as described by the Irish pilgrim, except the little girl was not Madeleine McCann.”

But she was crying for her daddy. Not her mummy. Sure it’s not Madeleine?

Police go on: “The owner confirmed the car we lent to his son, who was with his daughter, who is very much like Madeleine”

Says Alan Dedic of his daughter Tea (blonde): “My daughter Tea was a bit out of control and I had to push her into the car… I wouldn’t dream I would create such a fuss”

“McCanns: New police snub” – The Portuguese public prosecutor will not let the McCanns see the files on them. Senior judges pay heed to the “special complexity” of this case. Robert Murat is not allowed to see his police files either

Says Clarence Mitchell: “All they have seen is so-called evidence that has been leaked to the Portuguese press and they don’t know what, if any, of that is true”


Come, come. Don’t worry about how it is received. Tragic or magic, let’s have it…

A solicitor, London-based and reportedly working for one of the McCanns’ “holiday pals”, tells El Mundo newspaper, Spain: “I’m afraid these interventions have been prejudicial not only to my client, but also for determining the truth”

The Star says Gerry McCann is a “key Government medical advisor”. The Star’s theory is that “a sinister higher force” has stopped the truth from coming out

“Alert was sparked by ‘hyper’ lookaliake” – “It’s “hyerpactive lookalike” Tea Dedic

THE SUN page 7: “Balkans girl is not Maddie”

Says Mr Dedic of Tea: “She is hyperactive and I had to push her into the car” – Do social services know?

DAILY MIRROR page 9: “Despair at Maddy file secret”

Kate McCann is in “despair”. She cannot see the police files on her. “It has dashed their hopes,” says Clarence Mitchell. And the little girl on Bosnia? Not Madeleine…

DAILY MAIL page 49: “Yet another little girl who turned out not to be Maddie”

How many more? Can there be any more?

Slavko Dedic, Tea’s father – not be confused with the Express’ Alan Dedic – says his daughter was throwing a tantrum. And that his daughter cannot speak English

And for finding Tea we have the Daily Mail to thank. Says a police source: “After being given the car registration plate by the Daily Mail, Bosnian police went within the hour to an address in Ljubuski – and found the VW Golf”

But not Madeleine…

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 17: “Girl in Bosnia is no Madeleine”

“Strikingly similar,” says the caption beneath a shot of Tea Dedic, who is blonde and aged four

THE INDEPEDNT, THE GUARDIAN and THE TIMES: “No Madeleine news today

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