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Romp And Circumstance: Army Drops The Hay Barrow

by | 15th, November 2007

roll-in-the-hay.jpgDON’T know about you, but we find that a lesbian romp really brightens up a gloomy Thursday morning. And here’s the trusty Star to help us out.

“LESBIAN ROMP MADE ME DROP HAY BARROW!” shouts the no-nonsense organ.

Hay Barrow? Who’s she – some new soap queen?

No, that’s hay barrow as in wheelbarrow, and the dropper was Gunner Ashley Yeats.

While going about his business the unfortunate stable boy claims he stumbled upon Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher and Corporal Louise Ashman going about THEIR business – ie, having a lesbian romp.

“I did not say anything,” says Yeats, who then dropped the barrow. Very sensible too – he could now secretly film the romp on his mobile phone and post it to his mates or send it to the Star. This is what military personnel are trained to do in these situations.

But no, not a bit of it. It was embarrassment that prompted his actions. Having put down his barrow, he put his head down so as not to look and left the stable immediately.

Forget all that about being proud to be British. It’s ruined our breakfast.

Britain goes bonkers for the barrow

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