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Britain Is Bonkers For ‘The Barrow’: Sex Survey Says

by | 15th, November 2007

wheelbarrow.jpgIT’S official – Britain is bonkers for ‘the barrow’. Almost half of us say the Wheelbarrow, which involves the man holding the woman’s legs as if they were the handles of a barrow [see diagram], is our favourite sex position, according to the authoritative UK Sex Survey.

The popularity of the position has soared since Prince Edward and Sophie were seen using it in their now infamous honeymoon tape – and more than 47% of the 12,000 British adults interviewed in the annual poll ranked it as their No.1 bedroom choice.

The Missionary position, for many years the nation’s favourite, has now slipped to fifth with only 12% of the vote, behind the 69, Doggie and The Bucking Bronco.

Paul Pruhit, of the UK Sex Survey Group, said the results showed Brits were becoming more and more adventurous in bed. “With sex as with so many other things, where Prince Edward leads, the country follows,” he added. The poll also found that the image most men call to mind to stop them climaxing prematurely is that of a naked Vanessa Feltz. A massive 79% say the heavy-boned former TV presenter is a more effective passion-killer than their grandmother (8%), Ann Widdecombe (3%) and Jono Coleman (3%).

Other survey results in summary:

• Only 17% of men can spell clitoris
• 36% of women prefer a visit to the dentist to having sex with their partner
• 31% of women are having an affair with their dentist
• Porsche drivers really do have smaller penises than drivers of any other car; Volvo drivers are the most well-endowed
• 24% of women and 7% of men have fantasised about having sex with Richard Madeley

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