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Compulsory Training For Mobility Scooters

by | 15th, November 2007

THERE coming. Run, don’t walk. The motorised scooter is on a pavement near you. Dizzy notes:

At last the Government is doing something worthwhile. According to Rosie Winterton, the Department of Transport is looking into “future registration, training and fitness to drive requirements of mobility scooter users” with the “possible introduction of compulsory training”.

There is nothing worse that a mad old granny on one of these lethal bloody things racing on the pavement and/or road (depending on their mood) utterly oblivious to the world around them. Forcing them to take a test and prove they can actually capable seems a sensible move.

Frankly, they’re worse than cyclists at ignoring the rules of the road. They already do this sort of training in Australia as far as I can tell.

Is that a rain hat or a hood?


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