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Peter Doherty Snorts At Gemma Atkinson

by | 15th, November 2007

pete-doherty-out-of-jail.jpgAFTER Gemma Atkinson’s jungle shower, the second biggest story in the Mirror is that Germma Atkinson has a bikini. The third biggest story is that Pete Doherty has taken drugs.

The story is, of course, history in the happening. And in time to come Doherty and his “cocaine” will find a place in the showbiz annals amid Arthur Askey Vic’s Inhaler and Liberace’s taste for Linctus.

Historians will be keen to know how Doherty took these drugs, and, as ever, the Mirror is keen to reveal all.

Note Doherty’s “tracksuit”, his “silver tray” and the “kitchen counter” he is “perched” upon. All vital drugs paraphernalia.

Doherty “chops” the substance into five “massive lines” and “snorts” them though a rolled up sheet of paper. He then “stares glassily into the camera”.

A bit like Gemma Atkinson, only more so…

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