Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Anthony Bennett Sues, CBS And Fox Entertain, And Robert Murat

Madeleine McCann: Anthony Bennett Sues, CBS And Fox Entertain, And Robert Murat

by | 16th, November 2007

bennett.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “MADELEINE – McCANNS TO FACE NEGLECT CHARGES – Lawyer’s private prosecution”

Page 7: “Parents face private prosecution” – Meet retired solicitor Anthony Bennett, 60. He’s a former prospective parliamentary candidate for the UK Independence Party. He says “Kate and Gerry had admitted leaving their three children unattended in Portugal”. He has sent his application for a summons to magistrates near the couple’s home in Leicestershire

Says the justice seeking Mr Bennett: “I think the case is very simple. By the McCanns’ own admission they have left their children unattended for a significant period of time. What troubles me is that there has been no prosecution by the relevant authorities, namely Leicestershire police and social services”

He’s making a point?

“I think this matter should be put before the court. Do we want a society in which it is acceptable to leave children alone? If my application concentrates people’s minds on whether it should ever be acceptable then I will have achieved what I set out to achieve”

Because having your child kidnapped isn’t enough?

“Police left crucial clues from Madeleine kidnap room be washed away” – “Bungling” Portuguese police failed to send Madeleine McCann’s bed linen to forensics. After “several days2 in situ, the bed was stripped by cleaning staff


“Vital evidence” never went to forensics. Sheets, pillow, duvet. Says an insider: “Half the evidence disappeared.” But how would you know what you had lost if you never had it?

THE SUN page 15: “MADDIE COPS DIDN’T EVEN CHEcK HER BED – Bunglers failed to do a DNA test”

Says the source: “It is obvious it would have been good if they had sent sheets, blankets, pillows and even the mattress. Some important clue could have been found”

Anthony Bennett is on the case. This is the same Mr Bennett who “once failed to bring a private case against entertainer Michael Barrymore over alleged drug offences”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Kate and Gerry committed no offence”

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE ‘HELD’ BY MURAT – Amazing NEW sighting is revealed”

Friends of the McCanns claim they saw Robert Murat “running from the seaside apartment”. Says Robert Murat’s lawyer: “Rubbish”


Two of the Tapas Seven say they saw Murat flee the holiday complex. Portuguese paper 24 Horas, quoting a judicial source, says Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O’Brien “fingered British expat Robert Murat during a face-to-face meeting in May”

The insider tells the paper: “They said Murat was the person they saw next to the apartment where Madeleine was sleeping when the alarm was raised”

Says the Portuguese tabloid: “This is the same couple said to have indicated to Portuguese public prosecutors they intend altering their statements after it was made public that they could become official suspects”

DAILY MAIL page 39: “Madeleine police didn’t even check her bed for DNA”

The abductors cold have left evidence on the missing child’s bedding. Hairs found were sent to the forensics lab

Says “forensics expert” Allan Scott: “It is very difficult to be in contact with another surface and not leave a trace of yourself behind”

Russell O’Brien, Jane Tanner and the McCanns have read the report that they saw Murat running away from the apartment complex. They call the report “laughable”

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 13: “McCanns friends pointed Murat out to police”

“Two of the so-called Tapas Nine – the name given to Mr and Mrs McCann and the seven friends who dined with them on May 3 at their Algarve holiday complex – allegedly pointed out Mr Murat to police, a Portuguese newspaper claimed”

Says the source: “They were all placed in the same room and two people that had left the restaurant pointed to Robert Murat. They said he was the person they saw next to the apartment where Madeleine was sleeping around the time the alarm was raised”

Read more about that here

A friend of the McCanns says: “They have no recollection of ever meeting Mr Murat and the idea that they were asked to sit around a table while their friends pointed him out is ludicrous”

“Madeleine’s parents face fresh legal action” – Anthony Bennett is in the papers

FOX TV: America’s Most Wanted is coming to London to look for new evidence in the Madeleine McCann disappearance case. World’s Most Wanted will be broadcast from London on November 17 and will include a report from correspondent John Turchin in Praia da Luz. Says Fox: “Turchin analyses the crime scene and breaks down possible scenarios of what may have happened to Madeleine in an investigation that brings him face-to-face with the first official suspect in the case”

CBS: “The events surrounding Madeleine McCann’s disappearance remain a mystery that has captured the world’s attention. 48 Hours Mystery goes undercover in an international investigation of the missing child and has obtained exclusive never-before-seen home movies of the family taken in the wake of the tragedy and uncovering new details in the case”

“Shot by a family friend, the intimate footage tracks the McCann family following Maddie’s disappearance from their rented apartment in the Algarve region of Portugal”


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