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Middle-Class GCSE Pupils Take Drugs And Drink

by | 16th, November 2007

smoking-class.jpgNEWS in the Mail that a “third of GCSE pupils gets drunk” is illustrated by a picture of three 12-year-olds sipping cans of the imported larger Stella.

Ask your mum, but GCSEs were once the educational rite of every 16-year-old. News that they are now taken by booze-soaked pre-teens suggests the tests have gotten easier and/or the youth have got a lot smarter.

But rather than investigate this, the Mail says more than fifth of young teens “abuse drugs or solvents every month”.

The word abuse counters any notion that the smoking of weed and drinking of brandy is for more medicinal purposes, or indeed to improve the tykes’ prowess in the classroom.

The Mail’s key statistic is rooted in a poll of 111,000 pupils. The Mail says the most common drug tried is cannabis, followed by cocaine, LSD and ecstasy.

Because you can always trust a child you says they are stoned or “trippin’” their face off, the Mail is concerned. And its readers should be too, because a Dr David Regis, of Exeter University, has conducted another study. He found that “middle-class pupils were just as likely…to experiment with drink or drugs”.

Of course, being middle-class is entirely conducive to taking drugs and boozing, and for many students’ mums and dads it is the highlight of a magnolia-hued life.

What is more, with more money there is reason to think that middle-class GSCE pupils will indulge in more expensive drugs and adventurous drinks.

But that for another survey…

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