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The Most Pointless Celebrity On Planet Earth

by | 16th, November 2007

jordan-andre.jpgIN light of Anorak’s research, the Mail produces its own formula, this one for anyone wishing to “CALCULATE A CELEBRITY’S POINTLESSNESS”.

The formula takes onboard cash, band value, Google index, publicity, delinquency factor, actual talent and personal qualities.

The sums done, the Mail says the most pointless celebrity in the land, if not the world, is Peter Andre, aka Pete Andre, known to millions as the Singing Acorn, the shining example of manhood who put the Glo in Morning Glory as he climbed into Jordan’s hammock.

Many will of course beg to differ, it being the seventh rule of celebrity that coming bottom is coming top, if not the new coming top – just as up is the new down, going out is the new staying in and Anthea Turner is the new Viagra.

Expect appeals from Victoria Hervey, Sophie Anderton, Paul Danan, Chantelle, Kerry Katona and, how can we forget, whatshisface…

Look out for the 100 Most Pointless Celebrities on Channel 4

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