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The Strange Case Of Renato Hughes Jr

by | 17th, November 2007

THREE blake men break into a house of a white man in California. And:

LAKEPORT, Calif. (AP) — Three young black men break into a white man’s home in rural Northern California. The homeowner shoots two of them to death – but it’s the surviving black man who is charged with murder.

In a case that has brought cries of racism from civil rights groups, Renato Hughes Jr., 22, was charged by prosecutors in this overwhelmingly white county under a rarely invoked legal doctrine that could make him responsible for the bloodshed.

“It was pandemonium” inside the house that night, District Attorney Jon Hopkins said. Hughes was responsible for “setting the whole thing in motion by his actions and the actions of his accomplices.”

Prosecutors said homeowner Shannon Edmonds opened fire Dec. 7 after three young men rampaged through the Clearlake house demanding marijuana and brutally beat his stepson. Rashad Williams, 21, and Christian Foster, 22, were shot in the back. Hughes fled.

Hughes was charged with first-degree murder under California’s Provocative Act doctrine, versions of which have been on the books in many states for generations but are rarely used

As Carmen writes in the Anorak Forums: “I’m trying to get my head round this and why we are morally superior to Saudia Arabia. Explanations from moral philosophers welcome”

Help her to understand…

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