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Madeleine McCann: Gerry And Kate McCann’s Video Diary, Francisco Marco Says And Snake Oil

by | 18th, November 2007

mccanns-gerry-kate-video.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann


“EXCLUSIVE SEARCH FOR MADELEINE DAY 199 Detectives reveal that they are closing in on Maddy kidnapper And new witness tells of seeing her with TWO suspects in van”

Detectives. The Portuguese police?

“Francisco Marco, head of private detective agency Metodo 3 – hired to track the missing four-year-old by the McCanns – said: “We’re 100 per cent sure she is alive. We are sure she was abducted. We are very, very close to finding the kidnapper”

Keep the expense account open. As the famous Lori Campbell reports, the net is closing in…

Says a source inside Metodo 3: “We believe the sighting is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for. The witness was able to give a detailed description of the man and woman to investigators”

A witness…

“They showed her photographs, and she was able to pick out the woman with no hesitation. Detectives believe the kidnapper was helped by a third person who watched the apartment for days”

Says Gerry McCann in a fly-in-the-wall documentary shot by his friend John Corner: “I’ve no doubt Madeleine was targeted and that makes us sick to the core to think someone was watching us and our daughter, then targeted her. I think the true word is a predator”


Mr Don Cargill chairman of the British And European Polygraph Association. He is also “official lie detector expert on TV’s Trisha Goddard TV show”. Says he: “I spoke to the McCanns’ people and they came back with a list of conditions that would have been impossible to satisfy”

No word from Trisha

“PRIVATE EYE CLOSES IN ON MADELEINE” – “In a fresh development in the search for the Leicestershire youngster, Gerry and Kate McCann have been informed of a reported sighting of their daughter in a car with a woman”


mm.jpg“It came ahead of an interview broadcast on US television network CBS, in which Fransisco Marco, head of the Spanish private detective agency hired by the McCanns, said he was certain the four-year-old was alive and that the agency was closing in on the abductor”

The world is watching. Has Sen. Marco made progress? If you have a case you need to be solved, contact him on…


“EXCLUSIVE McCann detectives hunt for mystery man and woman as Maddie is spotted two days after she was snatched MADELEINE: NEW CLUES AS TV INTERVIEW ENRAGES PORTUGUESE COPS”

A “dramatic new lead” by “sleuths” hired by the McCanns

“Detectives battling to unravel the baffling case are said to be ‘unimpressed and exasperated’ that Jane [Tanner] has talked about the case on TV – in open violation of Portuguese laws”

Says Kate McCann, “GP”: “We are doing everything we can do to find Madeleine “And the last thing we want is to look back and think we could have done more. There’s not a textbook about it, is there? Like what to do when your daughter gets abducted. It’s awful and horrible for anyone to have to go through this and we are doing what we think is best. People say, ‘How can you stand there and do that when your daughter’s been taken?’ “I’ve been like that myself”

NEWS OF THE WORLD: “’We know who’s got Maddie’”

Says Gerry McCann: “We were looking at the back of the apartment and maybe the weak spots were at the front. It’s a corner flat with trees overlooking it. Somebody could be hiding there watching out of view

“I’ve absolutely no doubt they’ve watched me go in, come back out and then they’ve thought, ‘That’s the window of opportunity to get in and get back out'”

Says the Sun: “Gerry’s theory backs our front page story last month that Metodo 3 believed Maddie was snatched to order in a paedophile plot”

A theory backs the story? And the facts are..?




“SENSATIONAL new evidence that ‘proves’ Madeleine McCann was abducted and is still alive is to be presented to the world tomorrow night”

The BBC’s Panorama show is on tomorrow night…

“Several other ‘positive’ sightings in the months since will also be revealed – blowing holes in police theories that the McCanns accidentally killed their daughter then disposed of her body”

Only, none of them have proved to be Madeline – not in Belgium, Morocco, Bosnia

DAILY MAIL: “’Madeleine’s alive and we are very, very close to finding her kidnappers’ say McCanns’ private detectives”

A new witness? “The witness claims she saw a woman pass on the child to a man in central Portugal, about 100 miles from the resort of Praia da Luz, where the McCanns were staying. The man and woman then left in different vehicles and in different directions”

Where are they now?

A police source says: “Portuguese officers are investigating a possible Madeleine sighting in central Portugal two days after she disappeared. The witness rang the Metodo 3 hotline

THE TIMES: “Madeleine kidnapper arrest ‘soon’”

Francisco Marco, who is paid by Gerry and Kate McCann’s wealthy backer, Brian Kennedy, said: “We are 100% sure that she is alive. We are sure she was abducted. We are very, very close to finding the kidnapper”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Kate McCann: I was a responsible parent”

“In a moving and intimate video made by a close family friend, Mrs McCann says: ‘There’s not a day goes by that I’m not thinking ‘Why did I think that was OK? Why did I think that was OK?’ I have to keep telling myself I am a responsible parent”

A video diary?

“We were dining very close to the children and we were checking on them very, very regularly. We are very responsible parents and we love our children so much”

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Fresh hope in search for Maddie”

Says Clarence Mitchell of private detective Francisco Marco: “He’s very confident. He’s 100 per cent certain that she’s alive and believes that they are ‘very, very close’ to finding the kidnapper”

WIRED NEWS: “10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets – Danie Krugel’s DNA search device”

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