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Getting Wind Of Heather Mills And Stella McCartney

by | 18th, November 2007

heather-mills-leg1.jpgANTHEA Turner apart, no celebrity smells the same all the time. There are a million different scents for a million different celebrity moments.

Does an Oscar ceremony smell the same as a Bafta Awards do or the private hire car taking an EastEdners actress to the Soap Star Superstar after show party? Not a chance.

Scent enthusiasts await the arrival of Bath Time by Paris Hilton. And we read in the Mirror of the smell of Stella McCartney.

Stella comes in four blends. Stella McCartney Sheer Stella (top notes of Stella’s bed and pillow), Stella McCartney Stella (bottom notes of Stella’s brunch of aubergine and garlic dip), Stella McCartney Stella In Two (what Stella smell like when she watches daytime telly) and Stella McCartney Stella Rose Absolute (Two parts Sheer Stella to one part vodka with mid-notes of salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps).

And it comes to our attention that Heather Mills wanted some of Stella’s smell. Perhaps if brave Heather could smell like a flesh and blood McCartney others would be more accepting of her role?

Heather wanted the smell of Stella to feature at a gala do she was organising. But Stella declined. Says Heather’s publicist Michele Elyzabeth: “What would that have cost her? Nothing. But we didn’t beg. Elizabeth Arden donated.”

Perfume aficionados will note that Ms Arden has been passed a number of years. And though her innate and earthy odour is surely seductive to some there is real fear it will engender the wearer with the stench of decay.

And Heather Mills has so very much to offer…

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