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Mitt Romney On GodTube: James And Patrick Conspire

by | 20th, November 2007

DID you hear the one about the future Republican president who is an apostate and a freemason?

Keep watching this space as James and Patrick report on the shocking background of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney from a damp churchyard in the middle of Middle England.

It’s exactly the kind of incisive commentary that is sorely lacking on US TV.

According to James and Patrick, the American public finds itself in an extremely dangerous situation.

On the one hand, they can vote for a Democratic feminist from a dangerous liberal organization called the United Methodist Church. (James and Patrick don’t know much about the UMC, but they’re definitely up to no good.)

And on the other hand, there’s the crafty multimillionaire Mitt Romney who’s going to play down his Mormon faith to garner the votes of the Christian right.

James and Patrick say there’s only one thing left for the great American public to do: pray.

That’s right, America, pray! Pray for a third party candidate who can lead you out of apostasy and into the light!

We’re guessing that the billionaire Jewish mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is not the third party candidate that James and Patrick are hoping for.

And we’re not sure why they never found time to mention the current Republican frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani.

Do they know something we don’t? Is Rudy gonna be out of the race before long? Have they had a sign?

Or is it just the fact that they are too busy ensconced in conspiracy theories about previous presidential elections involving Frank Sinatra, the Kennedys, the Catholic Church, the Bush family, the mob, the Mormon Church, and every twitching expert’s favorite, the Illuminati?

It’s such a shame to let this stuff go to waste on GodTube.

If anyone out there knows Nick Park get him to take a look at this. It would make a great creature comforts

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