Anorak News | Nadine Dorries MP Takes On A Blogger Over Her Daughter’s Language

Nadine Dorries MP Takes On A Blogger Over Her Daughter’s Language

by | 20th, November 2007

NADINE Dorries MP writes on her blog:

Unfortunately, today’s blog is a rebuttal in defence of my family. As an MP I don’t mind it if people want to take a pop at me – it comes with the territory. However, not my kids.

Every young person I know has a Facebook profile, my daughters are no exception and use it to keep in touch with their friends. Unfortunately Alex Hilton, aka Recess Monkey, had no scruples about trawling through my daughter’s profile in order to damage her reputation.

My daughter’s face book account was the No 1item on his web site for a number of days.

A comment on my daughter’s site had been left by one of her best friends Chido Kawunda. Chido used the ‘N’ word when discussing this year’s Big Brother incident with Charlie.

Says Alex Hilton:

Accompanied by a photo, which is the visual equivalent of saying, “some of my best friends are black”, Nadine Dorries MP has written a piece on her blog which Recess Monkey finds deeply distressing.

It is at this point that I would probably refer to Ms Dorries as “Mad Nad”, not – of course – because of her mental state, on which I am unqualified to comment – but because of her campaign for the return of back-street abortions by equally unqualified doctors. Fortunately, Nadine says on her blog, “As an MP, I don’t mind if people want to take a pop at me” – so she probably won’t sue me for that.

Sadly, Nadine doesn’t allow comments on her blog so I can’t respond to her on her own page, where she suggests this website is somehow state funded (I wish) and makes somewhat darker inferences about me. She doesn’t mention of course that her very-definitely state funded website is adorned with multiple pictures of her daughters, so presumably it’s ok for them to be used for PR purposes when needed.

Nadine, I thought this story had sunk into the depths of blog archivedom and here you are dredging it up for more publicity than I could ever achieve, not least by drawing the attention of Iain Dale.

So now I know you’re a reader Nadine, tell me again when you think it’s appropriate for privileged white girls to use the “N” word?

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