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No ID: Fraudsters Need To Be Patient

by | 21st, November 2007

id-cards.pngTHE Independent wants to know “Who? Decided to post two discs with personal and financial details of 25milion people by unregistered delivery?”

The discs contain the child benefit numbers, national insurance numbers, dates of birth, names, addresses and bank and building society account details of half the UK’s population.

(Anorak’s IT department wants to know how the Government managed to get so much data on just two discs?)

It is the Indy’s front-page “Data Disaster”. And it wants to know “Where? Will the buck stop after the revenue chief’s resignation?”

The Guardian leads with news that Paul Gray, the Revenue & Customs chief, has stepped down, wisely not putting his letter of resignation in the post.

And with Mr Gray (NI number D0LT1A, two sons, married) gone, the focus is on Alistair Darling, the Chancellor (HMTF00L, husband to Margaret McQueen Vaughan since 1986, father to one son and one daughter, and who, like the rest of the country, has money tied up with Northern Rock).

“There’s only one culprit is this spectacular series of disasters – and it isn’t Alistair Darling,” says the Indy’s Hamish McRae. The real “culprit” is Gordon Brown (PM2-1).

Blame is easy. But what of the remedy? “What can we do? If this were only France we could rely on bank workers to go on strike, overburdened by the pressures of fielding so many calls from Nigeria.

With fear of fraud rife, it is hoped Mr. Ching Wong from Hong Kong, credit officer of Green Trust Bank Ltd, in partnership with Angela Bamar from Liberia, daughter of Late Mr Donald Bamar Chief Financial Officer for Budgetunder, are understanding when we explain why we can’t find the £45m they deposited in Anorak’s account last week…

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