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Blackpool Loses Casino Bid And Sinks

by | 22nd, November 2007

donkey.jpgTHE Blackpool Citizen has news of a “town hall slanging match”. Council activities are often dull affairs. But Blackpool is out of season and the locals are making their own entertainment.

The argument is over the future of conference facilities for Blackpool.

As reported, Councillor Doug Green, leader of the Lib Dems, wants new facilities. But the idea was shot down by opposition groups.

Council leader, Coun. Peter Callow, says: “The whole motion is utter nonsense, the timing is ridiculous. For a start there are still two years to run on the Leisure Parcs deal [owners of the Winter Gardens arena], and the Government have said that Blackpool needs a tramway system, a museum and a conference centre, and that they are going to help us achieve that. I don’t see Gordon Brown reneging on that at the moment.”

No, of course, Gordon Brown never changes his mind. It’s more of a blame-shifting exercise followed by a period of consultation, and ultimately openness. But what has this to do with casinos?

Well, Mr Callow says of the Lib Dem group: “They tried to smash our super-casino bid, which would have included a new conference centre, by supporting Manchester. It is an outrage they are now bringing this motion forward.”

“Total rubbish,” says Mr Green, saying only one party member objected to the super-casino, and it wasn’t him.

But we are wasting time. In the Sun, Dr John Collins, of Lancashire Climate Change Partnerships, says: “If you look at the worst-case scenario for existing climate sea-level predictions, a huge chunk of the west side of Lancashire ends up underwater.”

So Blackpool goes under. Someone get the lights…

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