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Amy Winehouse And The Case Of The Dead Hamster

by | 23rd, November 2007

amy-winehouse-2.jpg“GEORGIE was a birthday present and we’d got him out to play with in the morning,” says budding popstar Peter Pepper beneath the headline “Amy killed MY hamster”, this being the Mirror’s quotidian Amy Winehouse vignette.

“I’d been in bed, but Amy had stayed up and was still going strong and had drunk the drinks cabinet dry. The next thing I know, it bites me, runs off and Amy says she’ll catch it. I was a bit suspicious but she said she was good with hamsters.”

Amy Winehouse On Pets? This sounds like the makings of another anecdote, and with some work Mr Pepper may be able to fashion it into an album insert or pamphlet. But Pete is in full throat, and we should not interrupt.

Continue, please:

“But I went to out a plaster on my finger and by the time I came back Amy said she’d put it to bed and it was sleeping. But just hours later the hamster was stone cold and hard. I don’t know what she did to it – it was probably crack.”

Hamsters are, of course the stuff of celebrity folklore. And this tale will surely made a popular and useful addendum to the Richard Gere-Manual Fawlty legend.

“That day last year was quite traumatic,” says Mr Pepper. “Not only did I have to deal with a dead hamster, but for some reason Amy had also managed to unplug the freezer and flooded the whole kitchen and utility room.”

Fetch Poirot. A picture of the events is forming. Hamster. Escape. Fridge. Unplugged. Dead. Flood. And, yes, that was a popstar talking about his utility room…

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