Anorak News | Jamie Oliver’s Slip Of The Tongue On Angelina’s Jolie ‘Piloh Shit’

Jamie Oliver’s Slip Of The Tongue On Angelina’s Jolie ‘Piloh Shit’

by | 23rd, November 2007

oliver-aniston.jpgALL is not well in the world of transatlantic celebrity relations as “fat-tongued Jamie Oliver” calls Angelina Jolie’s child “Piloh Sh*t instead of Shiloh Pitt”.

The Spoonerism has not gone down well.

In John Gross’s Oxford Books of Aphorisms, Comic Verse and Essays, the author mentions W. A. Spooner, coiner of the Spoonerism. Readers lean that there is a time and a place for a Spoonerism.

As an Arnold Toynbee says: “At a dinner party in Oxford, she saw Dr Spooner upset a saltcellar and then reach for a decanter of claret. He then poured claret on the salt, drop by drop, till he had produced the little purple mound which would have been the end-product if he had spilled claret on the tablecloth and had then cast a heap of salt on the pool to absorb it.”

It is clear that Spoonerism – verbal or physical – is not for everyone. Spooner could get away with his behaviour and not be punched in the throat by his host because it was the sort of thing expected of him. He may have been invited to the dinner in the implicit hope he would do something Spoonery.

Jamie Oliver is TV cook. He says “pukka”, “weerly wicked” and has a need to be liked.

His slip of the tongue – however generous – is best avoided…

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