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Britney Spears’ Two For One Chinese Children Deal

by | 25th, November 2007

britney-spears-driving.jpg“BRITNEY Spears to adopt Chinese twins,” says the News of The World.

Once was the time when a celebrity would adopt a new look, a panda bear in a Zoo or a technique with grilled food.

Now they adopt people. And here is news that “POP shambles BRITNEY SPEARS” is adopting Chinese twins.

It seems prudent of Spears to take on a pair of new children. Embroiled in a custody battle with her “birth” children, Britney can experiment with someone else’s bairns and keep her hand in.

And the good news is that in China there are lots of children, and if it doesn’t work out she can always get more and try, try and try until she feels the bond.

Dissenting voices will, doubtless, wonder how Britney can be allowed to care for two Chinese children and, should the ruling go against her, be barred from being primary carer for her own.

We point out that Britney is American, and the adopted children Chinese. At current exchange rates, two Chinese equate to one American child (Britney qualifies for a ‘spare’).

And should it not work out with the two Sino-Spears, Spears should be allowed to take home three Indian, Four Vietnamese and no fewer that seven Africans…

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