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Jam Today: Prince Charles And Camilla Get Stood Up

by | 26th, November 2007

charles-camilla-meal.jpgPRINCE Charles and his flavoursome wife Camilla are at table.

Many other guests at the banquet of Commonwealth Prime Ministers are not in evidence. The room is less busy than the Wembley conference hall booked for the Stave McClaren Appreciation Society.

There is no sign of Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah. When they do arrive, as the Express notes, “They told him they got caught up in a traffic jam of official cars.”

Prince Charles is pictured smiling broadly. The Express says “Charles’ popularity is on the wane”. The no-show is evidence of a “snub”. Charles smiles.

The paper senses opposition to his marriage to Camilla. This is why leaders decided not to attend. Some claim to be “too tired”, as the Mail notes.

And Charles smiles. Why?

For starters, with less diners there is more food to around. And with less travel, the meal produces a smaller carbon footprint, Mr Brown’s motorcade, notwithstanding.

And then there is the chatter. As the small talk dries after 10 or 15 minutes, Charles can make a ready quip about the availability of seats, their being no need to book ahead and his wife’s aftershave…

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