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Fait Wayne Une Pipe: Rooney’s Hookah

by | 26th, November 2007

wayne-rooney.jpgANOTHER week and with it another chance for the Sun to dress up Wayne Rooney, the paper’s designated laughing stock. “MAN U PLAN MOROCCAN XMAS BASH,” says the paper.

Manchester Untied are to stage a Moroccan-themed Christmas party, with traditional Moroccan dodgems. The event will be held in a marquee, which as any Moroccan and Manchester-based party planner should know is like big tent.

Having seen Rooney as a toff (he’s studying for GCSE maths), young Wayne is today pictured wearing a Dishdashah, headscarf and sucking on a hookah pipe.

“Rooney and the hookah,” says the Sun, a comment on Rooney’s past indiscretions. And the reason for the story becomes clear.

For those readers uncertain of the pun, the Sun explains it. The hookah is a pipe used for smoking. It is not a “hooker” as in Wayne and Auld Slapper, or Wayne and Sophie Anderton.

It is not hooker as in Rooney’s team-mate Cristina Ronaldo and the hookers. “So Roo and Ronaldo can get stuck into as many hookahs as they like,” says the Sun, crudely.

For any reader still not in on the joke, the Sun says a “fruity hookah isn’t one from Manchester’s Canal Street”.

Nor is it a prostitute…

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