Anorak News | Fred Thompson Blames Fox And The Land and Sky Gun Show

Fred Thompson Blames Fox And The Land and Sky Gun Show

by | 26th, November 2007

FORMER Law and Order star Fred Thompson has taken something of a drubbing in this presidential race so far, lambasted by commentators on the left and right for running a damp squib of a campaign.

Only recently, Democratic consultant Bob Shrum accused Fred of “running like a dry creek.”

Finally, Fred can take it no more. He’s come out fighting. And his surprise target is Fox News.

But Fred’s had enough of all the bad press, Fox included. He’s sick of people talking about the fact that even his aides and advisors sometimes doubt his commitment. He’s sick of talk of his falling poll numbers in key states like New Hampshire.

What Fred wants to talk about is how well he’s doing in the country at large, where he’s currently running second in many national polls.

But if this guy can’t even make an argument with Chris Wallace look interesting, what hope has he?

It’s a pity considering Fred had been having such a good Thanksgiving weekend, visiting Land and Sky Gun Show in South Carolina where he declared it “a beautiful day in paradise” between cooing over an assortment of firearms.

Or was that just a coded message to Wallace and his colleagues? That they could be visiting paradise shortly courtesy of a Fred Thompson over-and-under Winchester shotgun if they don’t get those conservative pundits to start playing a different tune.

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