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Just This Day: Global Toerlance Demands Silence

by | 26th, November 2007

PRESS Release of the day on Just This Day: “26 November 2007 – A 59 year old grandmother from Hammersmith, West London is making an audacious bid to silence 2.7 billion minds and mobile phones on Wednesday 28 November, as part of a global push for peace and quiet.”

Ex-nurse Elizabeth Edmunds, mother of six and grandmother of five, is asking every mobile phone user on the planet to put their minds and mobiles into silent mode for three minutes at 10am GMT, in a mission to demonstrate the world-changing power of silence and stillness.

Over 20,000 people in over 20 countries have already signed up to join the worldwide initiative, with businesspeople, schoolchildren, religious groups, dance groups and even 4,000 children from a refugee camp in Darfur joining in. Now Elizabeth is turning her attention to the mighty mobile phone, which she sees as symbolic of the noise, stress and lack of stillness in modern life.

The cmaping is being coordianted by – get this! – Global Tolerance…

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